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Pricing policy

In our activities, we are guided by the principle of a personal approach, both to any individual case and Client. Our pricing policy reflects this principle.

The prices for the legal assistance we provide are fair and affordable to our Clients. These prices fully comply with our experience and qualifications, and above all, with the effectiveness of our lawyer assistance on issues related to family and inheritance law.

The price of our legal assistance is set during the initial consultation with the Client and after review of the merits of his/her case.

Therefore, we have identified two main approaches to setting the value of legal services rendered by a family attorney, where the main determining factor is the result the Client hopes to achieve in one case or another:

  1. payment for the process – stage-by-stage payment, for each completed action, a procedural document drawn, a court session held (the cost of each stage is discussed with the Client in advance and is set in an agreement (contract) on provision of legal assistance);
  2. payment for the result – one or two payments, the principal of which (the bigger one) is paid when achieving a favorable result for the Client (all possible solutions to the Client’s case are honestly communicated to the Client in advance, discussed and set in the agreement (contract) on provision of legal assistance).

We offer our Client both payment options and then determine the cost of legal services in the area of family law depending on the option that suits the Client's needs best. Such a price is favorable for the Client and is lower versus what he/she can get if compared with the services provided by our colleagues.

Our practice provides legal assistance only in those areas of law where we have considerable experience and qualification. Therefore, during the initial consultation we can evaluate the specific merits of the case, the methods required for the protection of the Client's interests, prospective solutions to his/her case and, accordingly, the cost of family attorney's assistance. We believe that this option is the most honest and professional one, as it will be inappropriate to determine the cost of our services without conducting a preliminary review of the merits of the case and agreement upon the desired results with the Client.

Since the Clients' interests are represented solely by employees who have the official attorney-ship, we have the right to apply to the court during the consideration of the case with a claim for reimbursement of the cost of our legal services, thus compensating the Client the full amount or partial cost. Also, due to this status, the Client gets an opportunity to save the relevant expenses on notarial services, as we have the right to represent the Clients' interests on the basis of an agreement (contract).

We always bear responsibility for the results of each case consideration. With that in mind, in many cases, we agree upon the payment of the main part of our professional fee when obtaining the favorable result in the case.

The Practice of Family and Inheritance Law is a part of MITRAX Attorneys at Law, which provides «full cycle» legal assistance. If your situation goes beyond the limits of one practice, we nevertheless can find the solution to it, no matter what. 


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